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Health Products

"Unlock Your Financial Success with Senafix Health Products!

Explore our wide range of health solutions:

🌿 Moringa Powder: Earn R180 commission for each purchase made by your referrals or downline.

💊 Moringa Diabetes: Earn R180 commission when your referrals or downline buys this essential product.

🍵 Moringa Tea Bags: Gain R225 commission for every purchase made by your referrals or downline.

💊 Moringa Capsules: Secure R300 commission on each sale from your referrals or downline.

That's not all! Enjoy 5% royalties on purchases made by your downlines, extending up to 4 generations down. Plus, every time your commissions reach R2500, receive an incredible bonus of R500 extra.

Join Senafix today and pave your way to financial abundance while contributing to better health for all.

Don't miss this chance to create a thriving future for yourself and your community – join the Senafix movement now!"