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  • If I place an order using the courier option, what is the estimated time of delivery?
    When you place an order using the courier option, please allow a processing time of 24 to 48 hours. This processing time begins from the moment you complete your order. After processing, you'll receive a unique tracking number. Use this tracking number on the courier company's website, typically Courier Guy, to monitor the status of your shipment. The courier's website will usually display an estimated date for your parcel's arrival.
  • How do I change my shipping information or details after placing an order?
    Should you need to modify your shipping information or details after placing an order, please reach out to our offices promptly within 24 hours from the time of your order placement. Contact us at our main office number, 072 867 1645, to request any necessary changes.
  • For the Pexi Pep courier option, where and how do I find the Pep Code?
    To obtain the Pep Code for Pexi Pep courier services, visit your nearest Pep or Mall. Inquire directly with Pep to acquire the specific Pep code required for your shipment. This code is provided by Pep and is necessary for utilizing their courier services.
  • For the office pick-up option, when can I collect my order?
    Our office operates from Monday to Friday, opening at 08:30 and closing at 16:30. Please note that order collections or pick-ups are available exclusively on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays within these office hours.
  • If I want to use my own courier to collect my order at the office, how do I complete a waybill, and what details should I ensure are correct?
    If opting to use your own courier for order collection at our office, ensure the accuracy of the following details on the waybill: Correctly mention the order number and your name for identification. Fill in all associated order numbers on the waybill if there are multiple orders. Provide the precise delivery address associated with the order. Avoid using a different person's physical address on the waybill. It's essential to contact our office before dispatching your courier to confirm that your order is prepared and ready for collection.
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