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  • Senafix Bath Salts For Wellness


    Stock Price (x10): R350

    Selling unit price: R75

    Refferal Commission: R100

    You will keep on earning R100 everytime your downline buys this stock

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    Purifies pores 
    Get better sleep
    Soften your skin
    For all skin types
    Detoxify your body
    Soothe pain & aches 
    Reduce fine lines & wrinkles



    Senafix Bath Salts (x10)

    SKU: SCC21011
    • 1. Heals Eczema, treats Psoriasis.
       2. Purifies pores and Calms itchy skin.
       3. Minimizes large pores, cleans and open pores.
       4. Can be effective for stress relief and relaxation.
       5. Can improve quality of  sleep and softens your skin.
       6. Soothe pain & aches as well as detoxify your body.
       7.  Reduces skin roughness and enhances skin hydration. 
       8. For all skin types may be beneficial for nighttime
            leg discomfort.  
       9. Soothes skin inflammation and reduces fine lines
           & wrinkles.

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