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x6 Flat Tummy Tea Packs 


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🌿 Senafix Flat Tummy Tea: Nature's Wellness Elixir 🍵


Unlock the extraordinary power of Senafix Flat Tummy Tea, where a symphony of natural ingredients comes together to redefine your journey to a toned, vibrant body. Here's a closer look at the ingredients and their nutritional benefits:


  • Radish Root - The Hydration Hero 💧:

    • Anti-Inflammatory Marvel: Radish root is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes redness and swelling, promoting a healthier complexion.
    • Acne Assassin: Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, radish root is an effective acne fighter, giving you clearer and radiant skin.
    • Skin Hydration: Radish root is a rich source of hyaluronic acid, the skin's best friend, ensuring it stays hydrated and glowing.


  • Chamomile - The Tranquilizer 🌼:

    • Sleep Savior: Chamomile contains the antioxidant apigenin, promoting better sleep and relaxation.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Wizard: With potent anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile soothes and calms from within.
    • Heart-Healthy: Chamomile is rich in heart-healthy flavonoids, championing cardiovascular well-being.
    • Stress Relief: It promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and alleviates anxiety.
    • Blood Sugar Regulation: Chamomile helps lower and regulate blood sugar, facilitating weight management and digestive renewal.


  • Red Beans - The Weight Warrior 🥣:

    • Weight Loss Ally: Red beans are your weight loss companion, thanks to their fiber content.
    • Protein Powerhouse: They are a significant source of protein, crucial for muscle health.
    • Resistant Starch for Regulation: Resistant starch in red beans helps regulate weight effectively.
    • Skin Savior: Red beans help exfoliate, fight aging, and promote radiant skin. They are packed with antioxidants, iron, fiber, and vitamins C, E, B1, and B6.


  • Finger-Leaf Morning Glory - The Dietary Dynamo 🌿:

    • Antioxidant Rich: Morning Glory is brimming with antioxidants, protecting your body from free radical damage and reducing inflammation.
    • Digestive Health: Its dietary fiber promotes digestive health and regularity.
    • Versatile Health Benefits: Morning Glory has a history of use in folk medicine for various health concerns, from diabetes to high blood pressure.


  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract - The Weight Manager 🍃:

    • Heart Health Guardian: Studies show that Camellia sinensis leaf extract may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and preventing plaque buildup in blood vessels.
    • Weight Loss Support: It may help increase weight loss by inhibiting enzymes that cause the body to absorb and digest carbs and fat from the gut.


  • Hawthorn Berry Extract - The Heart's Companion ❤️:

    • Weight Regulator: Recent research confirms that hawthorn berry extract can reduce body weight and excess adipose tissue.
    • Cholesterol Champion: Compounds in hawthorn berries regulate fatty acid utilization, reducing total cholesterol and bad cholesterol.
    • Digestive Aid: Hawthorn berries have been used for centuries to treat digestive issues, reducing constipation and acting as a prebiotic.


Senafix Flat Tummy Tea is more than just a flat tummy tea; it's your holistic wellness partner. Step into a world where well-being meets transformation, one soothing sip at a time. 🌟🍵

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SKU: SCA21028
  • Introducing Senafix Flat Tummy Tea,

    A revolutionary solution for achieving a toned stomach.

    Our tea boasts a unique blend of natural ingredients, including Chamomile, Radish, Carmelia, Hawthorn, Red Bean, and Morning Glory.

    To make the most of this tea, remember not to boil or use hot water. Simply immerse the tea bag in cold water and let it steep for 30 minutes. After this brief infusion, your tea is ready to enjoy.

    For optimal results, steep one teabag in a 500ml bottle, consuming half in the morning before eating if you are taking with Night Time Fat Burner


    Or consume half in the evening before bed if you are taking with Day Time Fat Burner

    It's worth noting that some minor side effects, such as increased bowel movements, frequent urination, and mild stomach cramps, may occur.

    Ensure you drink at least 1-2 liters of water daily to alleviate these effects.


    The Senafix Flat Tummy Tea works in synergy with our Day time or Night Time Fat Burner, accelerating your progress. Throughout the day, aim to drink 2 liters of water, and in the evening, take two capsules of the nighttime fat burner after your meal.


    For added convenience, you can prepare the tea the night before and store it in the fridge for enhanced efficacy. Alternatively, you can still prepare and consume the tea after a 30-minute infusion.

    This incredible package includes five packs of the tea and the 5 bottles of day or night time fat burner, all available for the affordable price of R1300.

    As a bonus, you'll receive a generous referral commission of R500.

    The Combo reselling Price is R600

    Get ready to transform your journey to a flat tummy with Senafix Flat Tummy Tea.

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