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Introducing 'BuffelHoring loop soos Stroop' – Your Secret to Passionate Performance! Elevate your intimate moments with this cutting-edge liquid erection enhancer. Simply take it 20 minutes before intercourse, and experience increased stamina, firmer erections, and enhanced pleasure. With BuffelHoring loop soos stroop, you'll be ready for unforgettable nights of intimacy with your partner."


Buffel-Horing is the safest product in South Africa. Buffel-Horing is manufactured according to strict MCC guidelines and was recently approved by the US FDA. We use high quality private laboratories in South Africa to manufacture the product and keep an accurate record of the ingredients of the ingredients to ensure safety and quality. We work closely with the Medicines Control Council to make sure we comply with every guideline they have.

Buffel Horing is a Cat. D - Complementary Medicine



  • Stronger erection 
  • Longer lasting erection 
  • Boost sexdrive
  • 100% Natural 
  • Works in 20 min

Bull Power Erection Syrup

SKU: BP24001S
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