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Introducing Buffel-Horing - a solution not just for weak erections. Even without such concerns, Buffel-Horing promises an entirely new level of erection experience. It offers intensified orgasms, increased stamina, and complete satisfaction upon ejaculation. Say hello to stronger and harder erections, longer and more intense orgasms, providing up to 5 times more endurance - all naturally.


This product is 100% natural, free from chemicals or additives, making it safe for gentlemen dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems.


How to use:

Consume 2 capsules 40 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Ensure not to exceed the recommended dosage. The effects can last for up to 72 hours.






Cat. D - Complementary Medicines



•Stronger erection 

•Longer lasting erection 

•Boost sexdrive

•100% Natural 

•Works in 40 min

Bull Power Erection Capsules

SKU: BP24002S
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