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Senafix Side Effects and Safety Precaution

Please observe the following instructions before using Senafix-Nuts. 

Senafix nuts are harmful/toxic if eaten raw. They are used with boiled water to remove all harmful/toxic effects. 

When using Senafix nuts, it is your responsibility to follow all instructions and not overdose on the process. Whenever you consume a new product, it is very important to know the side effects before consuming, Senafix nuts have them below. 

On the first few days/weeks of taking Senafix nuts, you will have bloating (commonly known as farting) because your intestines are full of stale and rotting faeces.

In contact with the layer of nuts, it will produce intestinal gas. 
Once the cleansing of the body is complete, they will gradually disappear. Bloating may occur when taking Senafix nuts and is normal for the first few days as your body gets used to the Senafix nuts, which are also a mild laxative. 

As days continue, a mild back pain may be experienced arms and chest (similar to muscle pain that occurs during exercise), it is only because it is easier to burn body fats in these areas and these parts reduce in volume so quickly, this pain may only be experienced for a week. 

Burning fats in large quantities, you can experience headaches due to the presence of ketones (molecules that our body produce when we burn large amounts of fat, either from food or your body) and it is activated because it withdraws glucose from our body. 

Fatigue: If we increase our visits to the toilet, we can lose potassium levels, without this mineral we feel exhausted and sleepy, not penic about it, Senafix-Moringa has all the rich benefits, use it 2 - 4 times a week to boost you and help maintain normal levels of fluid in our cells and drink ~2-3 litres of water through your day to help product be more efficient. 

Gut irritant: This product is a gut irritant. If you take it in the evening and eat a yoghurt in the morning, you will feel better during the day.

Diarrhoea: It has been reported that diarrhoea may occur, not just at first. If this occurs, immediately reduce to 1/8 semen and consume plenty of water. If the diarrhoea does not stop, stop taking Senafix nuts immediately until it stops. You can then start taking it again after 1 week.

Swelling: Swelling may occur in 1 in 1000 people, especially in the ankles. This is due to lack of blood circulation. We recommend reducing the amount to 1/8 of a seed, exercising 20-30 minutes a day, and trying to keep your feet above heart level when sleeping by placing pillows under them. The swelling may also be due to water retention, and your body may gain some weight, which should go away once the body stops retaining water. If the swelling occurs in a different area, you may be allergic to nuts. Reduce the amount to 1/8 of the seeds and take medication for the allergy. If the swelling does not go down, stop taking Senafix nuts completely.

These are all the side effects we are aware of. Most of them are not experienced by many people. Some people may not experience any of the side effects listed above.

Disclaimer: This website has been updated with information to the best of our knowledge. Senafix nuts are purchased and consumed at your own risk.

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